Learn more about your watches, setting up, and using the various functions, as well as warranty information and advice on the watch care.
Operation and Maintenance of the watch

SWT watches are technically complex products. The service life depends on how gently you handle the watch and how much attention you pay to the treatment and care of the watch.

Please carefully read the instructions and manual shown below to enjoy your watch as long as possible.

  • Protect the watch from shocks and drops.
  • Try to keep the watch away from sources of strong electromagnetic radiation.
  • Do not expose the watch to corrosive environments (detergents, cosmetics, solvents, etc.).
  • Do not expose the watch to direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • Do not open the case or case back of the watch by yourself.
  • Use a clean, dry soft cloth in case your watch becomes dirty.
  • Do not set the time in the interval from 21 until 03 hours.
  • Do not tighten the strap too tightly on your arm.
  • During operation, allow normal wear of the case, band, strap and plating.
Water resistant

Please use your watch according to the recommendations given in the table with respect to water protection. The degree of water resistance of your watch is indicated on the back of the case.

Marking Spray, rain, etc Hand washing, etc Swimming Diving
WR + - - -
30m/3ATM + - - -
50m/5ATM + + - -
100m/10ATM + + + -
200m/20ATM + + + +

Do not handle the crown and buttons under water, this can lead to the penetration of moisture inside the watch and damage  the movement.

Do not wear a watch in a sauna, Jacuzzi and other places with high humidity and temperature.

The warranty on your SWT watch according to the conditions indicated on this page, lasts for 24 months from the date of purchase.

Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. During the warranty period, upon presentation of a correctly completed warranty card (to be filled completely and with the stemp of the shop), such defects will be repaired free of charge.

The warranty does not apply to:
  • Batteries.
  • Glass.
  • Straps.
  • Band.
  • Elements decorating the case.
  • Damage due to normal wear and tear of materials.
  • Scratches and other mechanical damage caused by careless handling of the watch, the use of off-label or non-compliance with the operating instructions.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repair or other interventions made outside the official service center.
  • Consequential damages resulting from the use, non-working state or inaccurate work of the watch.

SWT Super Series

SWT Topgear W37: Ronda 517

SWT Corsair W99: Ronda 6004.D

SWT Ladies Series

SWT W65: Ronda 515


SWT W29: Ronda 517

SWT W33: Ronda 515

SWT W68: Ronda 515.24D


SWT W10: Ronda 5030.D

SWT W35: ISA 8171/201

SWT W66: Ronda 5030.D

SWT W69: Ronda 3540.D


SWT W34: Ronda 706.1



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